8 Ideas DIY Box Furniture Units For You And Your Pets

Boxes are ideal for storage and it’s not only about a usual box, it’s also about furniture you may use for storage! We’ve gathered some cool and simple DIYs to make box furniture – sideboards, nightstands and even stylish pet furniture, take a look!

Number one today is a cool box shelf – a simple piece of wood shaped as a shelf and wall-mounted. Spruce up your little box shelf with wallpaper or scrapbook paper lining inside – it may be bold and fun, very contrasting. Make as many such shelves as you need and hang them on the wall wherever you want, enjoy!

If you need a small sideboard, here’s a nice tutorial! This is a cute box sideboard on glam gilded legs. The sideboard doesn’t have a back, so you’d better place it closer to the wall, or you can just add backing to the piece. You can also modify the legs as you want and go for trendy hairpin ones, for example. Take a look at the project and go!

Here’s another small box shelf, this time it’s made for kitchens. Such a little storage unit attached to the wall is a nice idea: it’s small, it features some storage space and it doesn’t take your countertop space at all. Make your box shelf brighter and funnier with colorful wallpaper or removable paper that matches your kitchen somehow, and the piece will be a perfect fit.

Here’s a nice shelving unit of boxes – they are dark stained for a richer look. The boxes are stacked on each other to form a united piece, you can attach them to each other or just leave as they are by the wall. Use different but matching backing inside the boxes to make the storage unit look cooler and more chic and match your living room décor with backing. Enjoy!

Wooden boxes can be turned into very nice and cool shelves! These simple wine boxes are turned into box shelves or displays for kids’ toys and they are hung on the wall. Use any contrasting backing to make the objects displayed look cooler and bolder.

Here’s a cool box shelving unit, this is a piece made of real boxes! The idea is about buying some colorful and bright hexagon boxes that compose one single shelving unit. The shelf is super bright cause of the bright colors of the boxes but if you don’t have bold ones, you can paint them or create a more neutral unit. Read the tutorial to find out how.

Here’s another box shelf for kitchen – it’s a tea box shelf. The piece is made of a wooden or plywood box with colorful backing, though you can make it neutral or hang on the wall to save some countertop space. The tutorial is pretty simple and you may use this little shelf not only for tea but also for spice containers. Enjoy!

This stylish modern cat house is also a furniture piece but for your pet! The piece is made of plywood, this is a box with a hole entrance placed on hairpin legs – you may use it as a plant stand, too. The cat home looks very chic and very elegant, it will fit most of modern or contemporary spaces, make your pet happy with it!

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