7 Pallet rack design ideas, great for repurposing and recycling

Pallets are some of the most versatile and popular pieces to be used in DIY projects. They allow you to make an impressive range of objects including furniture pieces, decorations, storage containers. Today we’re going to focus on a specific type of objects: racks. They include coat hangers, wine racks, shoe racks, plate racks and several more designs. Have a look and get inspired. Secure everything with wood screws, sand and stain the wood.

Coat rack.

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A pallet coat rack is also very easy to make. You actually only need one piece of wood. Sand it a little and cut it to the desired dimensions. Add some hooks and hardware to help you attach the hanger to the wall and you’ll get a lovely coat rack for your hallway or entryway. You can alternate hooks with doorknobs, great for hanging bags and purses.{found on beingbrook}.

Pallet pot rack.

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A pallet pot rack is another simple project that would be very useful in the kitchen. To make one you need a pallet, wire, wire coat hangers, heavy chain, staples, hook bolts, washers, and hooks. Cut the pallet in half or to the desired size, remove the middle bar and then measure and cut a piece of chicken wire that fits across the pallet. Staple the wire in place and replace the middle bar. Cut the top of each wire hanger off and form a hook at one end of each piece. Using a hammer and nails, secure a length of chain onto each side of the pallet. Then hang the pot rack on the wall.{found on agreenpointkitchen}.

Shoes rack.

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Here’s another very useful item you can make using a wooden pallet: a shoe rack. It’s great for the entryway or even for the kids’ room. The idea is very simple. You just need to find a pallet, sand it, maybe even paint it and place parallel to the wall. You can change its dimensions if you want. No other changes are necessary.

Colorful pallet coat rack.

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This is another design for a pallet coat rack. This one is more fun and colorful. To make a similar one you need a wood pallet, a bunch of hooks and handles, different paint colors and a sander. Remove the bottom deck board and sand the surface of the pallet. Then paint it different colors and attach the hooks and handles.{found on marieatousprix}.

Display plates.

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If you like collecting plates and want to find a nice way to display them, a simple solution would be to use a wood pallet to make a plate rack. You don’t have to make many changes to the pallet. Just add some pieces of wood in order to create the display compartments. Make sure they are roughly the same size. You can also sand and paint the pallet.{found on remodelista}.

Pallet shelving idea.

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Wood pallets can also be used for some more complex projects. For example, you could make pallet shelving. Use the pallet as a base and add some pieces of wood to make the shelves and to keep everything secure. You don’t have to change the size unless you want to. Feel free to change the color of the pallet if you want as well.

Pallet Bookshelf.

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Out last project is a pallet bookshelf. It’s an easy project and it shouldn’t more than 40 minutes to complete. First remove the center wood strip from the pallet and attach it to the side of the pallet. This part will become the bottom of the bookshelf. Measure about 1-2’’ above the higher wood strip and mark the spot. Cut the wood, sand down the edges and stain the bookshelf. Let it dry and mount it on the wall.{found on sasinteriors}.

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7 Pallet rack design ideas, great for repurposing and recycling

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